Nelson Mandela Remembrance Doll

Little Bo Babies Presents

The Nelson Mandela Remembrance Doll

Remember his Legacy

Help kids remember what he did

Remember the Values

Help kids remember what he stood for

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How to win your own Nelson Mandela Remembrance Doll

1: Submit Your Drawing

Submit your drawing of Nelson Mandela by placing it on the Little Bo Babies Facebook page.


2: Then drawings are chosen

The five drawings with the most likes will be notified and their drawings will be made into a unique Little Bo Baby plush toy.


3: Plush Toys for the Winners

Each of the five winners will receive their plush toy for free AND their plush toy will be made available for the general public to buy here on Little Bo Babies.


4: Profiting the Nelson Mandela Children’s Trust

20% of the total profit from the Remembrance Doll goes to the Nelson Mandela Children’s trust.



Remembering Mandela

I absolutely love this idea! This is such a great way for me to teach my daughter about Nelson Mandela, and we had a lot of fun making our drawings too!



Lucy's mom

Teaching my kids about important people in our country’s history is difficult to do without being very boring. That’s what makes this competition so great. I really hope one of my kids wins!



Mother of Twins

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Cape Town, South Africa

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