Why a mom should run the world

Why a mom should run the world

Have you ever noticed how what politicians say, and what politicians do, are very seldom the same thing?

A mother in the same situation at home would never get away with that!  I get called out by my kids every time I forget a glib promise I’ve made ‘in the moment’ and have just as glibly forgotten.

A world run by a Mom would be a better place.

Aside from the obvious reasons like instilling good values, teaching good manners and proper enunciation, we also bend over backwards every day to turn our little terrorists into useful human beings.

Did I just say that?

Here is What a World Run by a Mom Might Look Like:

  1. There would be wet-wipes in every restroom.
  2. Strangers would smile indulgently when a baby starts screaming on a plane.
  3. Beer and golf would be banished. Or better still, nappy-changing duties would be dished out to offending dads.
  4. Barney DVD’s would be sponsored by the state, as would diapers, after-care, and formula.
  5. Education would be free.
  6. Fathers would be given one year maternity leave at full pay.
  7. Grannies would receive additional training to de-programme the mind-set they developed when raising you.
  8. Napping in the middle of the day would be considered a half hour well-spent.
  9. Mom entrepreneurs (momtrepreneurs) would be given loads of seed funding plus free TV ad space (Sheesh! This is really turning into an ‘I wish’ blog!)(Warning! I’m going to get serious here, so, if I offend in any way, help yourself to the free wet wipes you found in the loo to cool your heated brow). 🙂
  10. Gangsta rap that glorifies violence and sex wouldn’t receive standing ovations at the Grammies.
  11. Fast food multi-nationals that encourage obesity wouldn’t be the official sponsors of the Olympic Games.
  12. 13-year-olds wouldn’t be emulating prison culture by wearing their clothes backwards and falling off their backsides.
  13. Third world debt would be forgiven.
  14. And finally… If a mom ruled the world, all wars would be non-existent, and there’d be peace and plenty for all. Well, that’s the hope anyway.

As a Mom, I simply wouldn’t accept anything less in a world where my little ones have to grow up and live in.

And if the world didn’t comply, I’d simply send it to the naughty corner for time out.

Peace and love,


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