A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar

Dealing with Sick Kiddies

I know our doctor really loves my family… he blooming well should; we’re paying for his skiing vacation in Aspen!

Snotty noses, runny tummies, barking coughs and high fevers. These past few weeks have been harrowing on our little family.

To prevent us all from going slightly mad (or madder than we already are), I’ve put together a fun list of ways to survive the change in season:

1.     A Spoonful of Sugar Really Does Help the Medicine Go Down!

Try a bit of honey or a treat to increase the likelihood of getting a full dose in. I don’t know about you, but this is a mammoth task in our household. My children usually end up with rivulets of shiny (expensive) pink medicine running down their chins like Count Dracula, so getting ALL of it into their mouths is cause for celebration. I’m not above bribery here.

2.     Comfort Above Routine

Now, I’m a stickler for routine. Routine is king! But when little ones are not feeling well, then comfort wins. I let them sleep in our bed (usually a big no no!), I tickle their tummies to soothe them; I give them treats… anything to help them feel a tiny bit better. Once they are healthy again, then routine is on like a scone.

3.     Preparation and Propaganda

Doctor visits or (in our case, more often than not) Emergency Room visits can be a little traumatic. So, to help them have a rosier outlook on these situations, I role play (preparation) and tell them over and over how much the doctor loves them (propaganda).

  • Role Play:

Kids love to play pretend. So first I will be the doctor, and then I let the kiddies be the doctor, and I’ll be the sick one. We practice saying ‘aaah’, we pretend that my finger is the little ear thingy with the light on the end of it, we listen for the ‘beep’ of the digital thermometer, and so on, so that it’s all quite comfortable and rehearsed when we get to the doctor.

  • Propaganda:

I believe in creating a positive spin on potentially negative experiences. It’s all about your outlook on the situation. Thankfully, nowadays most GPs and paeds are really kid-friendly, so it’s not too far a stretch to say things like, “Doctor Mike is so kind. He loves to help you feel better,” or, “Doctor Sally is such a fun doctor! She loves it when we visit in her rooms. And you can play with all her toys!”

4.     I Need Patience… and I Need it Now!

Eventually, this too shall pass… or so they say. But when it’s 2am and your little one has just vomited all over your shoulder, or wet the bed (and you in the process), or is coughing the whole family awake, the last thing on your mind is how sweetly you should endure this. Count to ten; go to your happy place, whatever you need to do to keep it together, because a calm touch and gentle word is often more comforting than we realise.

It’s never easy when our little ones are sick, but thankfully most viruses work their way out of little bodies in one to three days.

And if all else fails, doc can always prescribe some nuke-strength antibiotics to destroy whatever is left over…

And some shiny pink medicine for yourself! 🙂


Hang in there!


Love, Gaya


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