To Party Pack or Not, That is the question.

To Party Pack or Not, That is the question.

There is a moment in every kids birthday party that parent’s dread, and that is when it comes time for the birthday child to open their presents.


The other little ones in attendance often don’t understand why only one of them is getting to have all the fun in tearing presents open. This can lead to some genuine unhappiness that is most commonly avoided by handing out a little party pack of some kind. While the idea itself is a good one, what to actually give is                                                                         something that can be a little tougher to figure out.


Many parents take the easy road out and make up a little bag filled with a sugary treat, as small plastic toy, and some other little trinket or sticker. It’s a relatively cheap way to keep the kids happy, but one that often backfires. The fact of the matter is that no party pack is ever going to match the great the gifts are that the little boy or girl of the hour is opening, which can once again lead to tantrums. It can also not go over very well with the other parents, who would sooner not have to see their kids eat even more candy or have one more little toy to pick up off the floor once it gets home.



There are a couple of different ways you can go about remedying the situation, and it will pretty much boil down to how much you have to spend after everything else has been booked for the party. You could opt to stick with the traditional party pack, but make the contents something that all the other parents will approve of. If their kids are being invited to the party, chances are you will have some sort of relationship with the other parents, so ask them what they think would be a good idea.


If you have a theme for the party, you might consider putting together a pack that perfectly fits that theme, but which against not something that will break the bank or the hearts of the kids receiving the pack. If the theme is something popular, such as a Disney movie or character, you should have no problem finding little gifts that are fun, affordable, and that the kids and parent will get a kick out of. All of that said, you might consider ignoring the party pack theme altogether in favor of buying a nice gift for each child.



With this way of doing things you can be sure that you will get something that is customized for each child and that you know they will love. Yes, likely to be a good deal more expensive, but you will also likely not have to listen to tears from the other kids and grumbling from their parents. If you do decide to go the nice gift route, you could always limit the number of children you invite so that the costs do not start to spiral out of control and make the party more stressful than it needs to be.

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