Snow in Cape Town: Winter Fun for Kids

Snow in Cape Town: Winter Fun for Kids

Winter in the Cape is traditionally cold and very wet.

But every so often winter gives us an extra-cold boost, and along with it, the snow.

Finding Snow in Cape Town

Subtropical climates don’t normally produce much snowfall – so in our family this is a pretty big deal!

So, at the first news of snow in Cape Town’s mountains, we went snow hunting. Two hours later, after driving around the mountains without success, we finally found a few farm fields covered in about three inches of beautiful white snow.  Not much by Alpine standards, sure, but for our kids it was better than Disneyland!

We had a blast! Throwing snowballs, eating (white) snow, falling on our bottoms and laughing as much as our red, numb faces would allow.

What an awesome time we had. For me, the best thing was getting warm and cozy in our sleeping bags at home afterwards, and hearing everyone tell their version of their winter fun adventure, and all of us laughing about how silly we’d been.

In hindsight there are a few practical things I would have done differently, like not wear jeans for one (they do nothing to stop the cold, and are terrible to move about in).


This year we’re going to do it right!


10 Tips for Preparing for a Snowy Expedition with Little Ones:

  1. Pack snacks for the road trip – cold bodies are hungry bodies!
  2. Line the car boot with plastic (bin liner will do) so that wet, muddy boots don’t soil your carpets.
  3. Pack two or three warm changes of clothing per child, and extra socks and shoes for everyone.
  4. Pack towels.
  5. Bring a bag to put the wet clothes and shoes in.
  6. Bring hot water bottles (because they are awesome) 🙂
  7. Bring hot chocolate in a flask (that’s just my preference, but I can’t see who wouldn’t agree with me!)
  8. Bring a carrot, a spare scarf and a spare beanie (for that snowman you are going to build with the kids)
  9. Bring a camera.
  10. Bring a childlike spirit of fun and adventure, and a genuine desire to get cold and wet. 🙂 Your children will love you for it.

Here’s to amazing memories this winter, and may the snow in Cape Town be as fluffy and white as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Love, Gaya

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