Keeping Track of Special Moments

Keeping Track of Special Moments

As my twins are almost three, I thought it appropriate to be intentional about keeping track of special moments.

Dearest Maya and Malia,

Soon you both will be three! Wow. Three. I cannot believe it.  Just yesterday, you were the little babies that your father and I were terrified of bringing home. What did we know as first time parents about raising twins!! We brought you both home and looked at you for ages. We adored you. You are our LOVES! The first few weeks were a matter of survival for us. Making it to the next feed, the next nap, the next change…and boy did we change a lot of nappies at the beginning! Thank God for your grandparents, girls. Or should I say grandmothers. They were a tremendous help to me and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have an amazing mother and mother-in-law 🙂 You girls are covered with the amazing mother, but I only hope you get as lovely a mother-in-law as I did.


Almost everyday your Daddy and I marvel at how big you are both getting. And so very quickly! Now we have you both coming into our room

saying: “Wake up everybody! It’s morning time!” I can’t believe you both used to cry from your cribs to be picked up and changed. Your feet are no longer baby feet – now they can touch the edge of the sofa. You both are very clear on how to dress and what to eat for breakfast. (you must get that from me 😉 You tell me about your friends at school. You climb tress like little monkeys . You choose your own bed time stories and you are very good at singing.

And you sleep in a big girls’ bed and you wear big girls’ panties.

Well done my girls!

I would love to write to you both to give you advice but I know your father and I are doing our best to give you the skills to make informed decisions. The advice that we will give you will just be another opinion in this world. There are too many of those anyway 🙂 I know that you girls will be wonderful, talented, unique individuals that will treat people with respect and grace.

Instead, I want to remind you of the little things that make you the unique girls I love. I hope you will never forget them.

To darling Maya,

You were my teeny tiny baby. You were so small when you came into this world. So fragile, but from the start I knew there was an inner strength within you that would be able to conquer anything that you put your mind to!  I love your quest to see how things work! I never tire of seeing you turn your toys upside down to see how the wheels work. I love how you ask questions. Mama never gets sick of the WHYS?  I love that you care deeply for your sister, how you ALWAYS think of her in anything that you do.  I love how you question everything.  I know it appears that it drives me nuts, but deep down, I NEVER want you to STOP QUESTIONING.  That is how you will grow and learn.

You are still so little. You still throw the odd tantrum. I love watching that face of yours get all squidged up – it simultaneously looks horrible and hilarious. Sorry, Mama doesn’t mean to giggle times. I enjoy our one-on-one time together. I love you grabbing my hand when we walk. You make me so proud to call you my daughter. You are one of a kind, Maya!

You have taught me patience (something I clearly am NOT) I am sorry for that. Believe it or not, I never knew what the word patience meant, until I met you and your sister.  For that, I thank you.

My darling Lali,

My bundle of joy. As twins, you and your sister are so different. We have always tried to treat you both as individuals, because that’s what you are. I love your spirit.  You are bright, bubbly and oh so cute. I love watching your confidence with new people that you meet. I love hearing you scream at the playground “Lali coming! Please step away!”  Like your sister, you are very curious. Curious to learn about the world and the people around you.

I love your sense of style. For a tiny person who is about to turn three, you sure got style! (Again you must get that from me. No??) I love your imagination. Storytime is never a dull moment with you. I pray you always have the courage to be yourself.  You are a wonderfully unique person and I hope you live your way each and every day.

Both of you are amazing little people.  Each one of you have brought something special into our lives and the lives of your grandparents. I thank you for that! I love how much you love each other, and I hope you will always be close.  You were each other’s first friend. You had an extraordinary journey from the start. You teach each other so much and your relationship is so special.


I LOVE you both very much.  I have loved you since before you were born, and I will NEVER stop loving being your mom. I look forward to seeing you grow and become the extraordinary women that I know you will be.

All of my love,


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