Date night ideas for parents

Date night ideas for parents

Date night ideas for parents

Date night! Oh how I look forward to thee 🙂 As parents of twins, my husband and I have a very busy schedule but we make it a point to spend some quality time. Even if it’s just lying on the sofa watching a good movie holding hands 🙂 Plus these date nights help me keep my sanity!

Last night was date night in our household – my hubby and I had been looking forward to it all day! Of course, when it actually came to leaving the house, chaos erupted, with my one twin getting ill and the other having sympathy illness. Luckily for us, we have an amazing nanny whom I trust with my life. She came to the rescue and dealt with the girls whilst I left the house guilt free 🙂

I read somewhere that some experts recommend at least one date night per week for married couples. These experts clearly don’t realize how hard it is to leave small children, scrap the bed time routine, find a babysitter, (pay for the babysitter) and have money left over for a nice meal with a big glass of wine. With all these costs adding up, I have found some awesome, cheap and cheerful date night ideas that I would like to share with you!


Little Bo Babies date night ideas

Movie night

Easy as that! Pick a really good movie, dim the light, hold hands and cuddle up

Picnic in your garden

It’s what you make of it. Find a comfy blanket, finger food to feed each other and if you are lucky enough to own a projector, put on an old, romantic classic….and see what happens

Go camping

Pitch your tent in the garden and have a romantic night under the sky.

Outdoor water balloon fight

It gets hot around here and why not be a little silly with your partner?

Wake up early and have breakfast together

When last have you watched the sunrise together?

Strip poker

Need I say more?


Come up with some creative dares. (You can find some online) Otherwise invest is some truth-or-dare pick-up-sticks or they are some pretty racy board games out there.

Feed each other grapes.

Hey, when else does that ever happen?

Build a campfire

Use a fire pit if you have to. Roast marshmallows. Don’t sing Kumbaya

Make an awesome dessert

Eat it in bed! You can clean up later.

At-home spa 

Give your love some tender care by planning a relaxing massage date. To create your at-home spa, set up a quiet room with candles, flowers and light, sexy music. Fill the room with a light scent, preferably an essential oil burning in an infuser(we like vanilla). Then, have your partner lie on the bed with fresh sheets, and begin with a head and neck rub, followed by a back massage. Be sure to take your time and ask your partner what pressure they prefer and what spots need the most attention. It’s amazing what the power of touch can do.

I hope my ideas have somewhat inspired you to get those date nights going!

Happy Dating your Partner:)

P.S Feel free to share any tips you may have below.

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