This Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

This Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Mom! This Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2014!

If your 2013 was anything like mine, then something’s gotta give!

Someone once said (excuse my exhaustion-induced porridge brain for not remembering who said it) that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity.

May 2014 not be a year of insanity! I expel the ‘same’. Bring on the sane.


With fist in the air and gritted teeth, I present my resolutions for 2014:

*      Don’t ‘Don’t’ – I will use words that teach my children what they SHOULD do instead of what they shouldn’t do; “Use a kind voice when asking for a toy please,” versus “Don’t yell at your sister!” “Use a spoon darling,” rather than, “Don’t mash the food up with your fingers and rub it on your face, you tiny barbarian!” etc.


*      Doo Doo – I will get enough sleep every night. Even if that means I must log out Facebook or Pinterest, or restrain myself from watching

‘just one more’ episode of Downton Abbey so that I can get to bed at a decent hour, I will do so. Recreation restores the soul, but nothing restores tired minds and bodies like good ol’ fashioned sleep.

*      Say ‘No’ With a Smile – “No (smile), I will not be part of every parent committee, or work function or church event this year. I will choose only one extra activity for my child. Being busy is not being fulfilled; my kids are allowed to be bored, and we are allowed to chill. But thank you for asking (smile).”

*      Me Time – I know we’ve been beaten over the head with this already, and we know how important this is, but we never seem to have enough time for it. I’ve realised I don’t just do this for me; I do this for my family. Seriously, even a half an hour of chill-time in a bubble bath tops up my personality again, and makes me a better wife and mom.

*      Couple Time – Last but not least, I will schedule in STONE that my precious husband and I get some alone time every month. Dinner. Coffee and a croissant. Movies and popcorn. A weekend away. Whatever we can do for that month, we will make every effort to keep on reminding each other why we love each other. And we will do our BEST not to only talk about the kids.

Wish me luck moms! This mom is ready and set to go this 2014!


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