Gaya's Tips on Weaning

Gaya’s Tips on Weaning

Tips on Weaning… the Wonder and the Glory

You might be asking yourself “When is my child ready to wean? And how do I do it?”

Here’s what I’ve found…

Not before four months

If you introduce solids before four months, you’ll find your baby doesn’t really know what to do with the spoon in his mouth and will more play with it than eat off of it – with the food ending up everywhere except in his mouth!

Sleeping through?

You’re exhausted! I get it. And we hope that solids is the magic formula that will help them sleep through quicker. Am I right? I’m right!

Sadly, introducing solids sooner in an attempt to help them sleep through the night doesn’t work – they will sleep through when they are physically able to, and not a day sooner. That’s normally around the three to four month mark, so hang in there.

So when do we do it?

You will probably start introducing solids when your child is around four to six months of age.


Little Bo Babies’ Tips on Weaning

What do I feed them?

  • Butternut and banana are great starter foods for little ones. My girls loved them. They couldn’t get enough of the butternut!
  • Mashed up avocado is such a power-food, if they can handle the consistency, it’s first prize for first food!
  • We avoided introducing cereals at this stage as many intolerances and allergies (and crampy children) start with starch/porridge.

What tools do I need?

Stating the obvious, but here goes:

  • Bowl
  • Plastic spoon or plastic covered spoon (metal will hurt young teeth and gums)
  • High chair or reclined chair.
  • Unless you enjoy starting your day with a smattering of pureed food products all over your clothes, in your hair, dripping from the walls and stuck to the carpet… don’t be tempted to feed your child in a bouncy chair! When they get excited and twang themselves back, you’d be surprised at how far they can propel the contents off their mouths! I learnt this the hard way with my twin girls. Many a days were spent cleaning butternut off every crack in the kitchen.

Things I couldn’t live without

  • Thank goodness for large bibs, we’d be lost without them. And no, the normal bibs aren’t enough; at times you feel like you need the extra long ones… with add-on sleeves! (In fact baby overalls might be better!)
  • Please make sure you have plenty of baby wipes on hand (we buy in bulk) – there is a chicken and egg (which came first?) scenario that goes on here… Baby puts fist in mouth, covering fingers with puree. Do you wipe the mouth first (they will then smear food covered fist all over their face) or do you wipe the hands first (they’ll just put the fist back in their food covered mouth afterwards). You see? Bit of a messy circle you have there… and with twins – there are four hands and two mouths to clean. They honestly don’t care whose mouth their fist goes in as long as there’s food on it!
  • Also, a word of advice, buy a nose peg – the nappies kick it up to a whole other level on the smell-o-meter when baby hits solids.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, this comes after six months when it’s a lot easier for them to understand what you’re trying to do, and learn a lot quicker.

On a final note, have fun! Mummy can always clean up the mess afterwards. Which I still do by the way; my girls are two years old and meal times are still a wonderful messy affair.

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